Queen B Illustration is the studio brainchild of Bridget Droelle, a freelance illustrator based in Michigan. Her artwork is primarily character driven and narrative based. She dabbles in a variety of traditional media but prefers digital illustration for finished pieces. Delicate line work and pastel color palettes are characteristic of her work, and she is known to portray themes of fantasy, animals, and natural beauty.

When she isn’t slumped over her desk with a cup of tea and her wacom, she loves spending time with her cat and bunny, napping just about any time of day, binge watching cartoons, or reading graphic novels.  

Queen B Illustration is a play on the artist's first initial and her love of bees. The name is meant to allude to the notion that bees are beautiful, hardworking, and organized creatures. As one of the most intelligent invertebrates, bees are able to communicate and work together seamlessly to build perfectly designed combs and produce beautiful golden honey. This is the standard of quality that clients can expect from working with Queen B Illustration.